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🤣🤣🤣 #truth ... See MoreSee Less

🤣🤣🤣 #truth

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Yep. Me: enters house at 5:20 after work day. Home crew at 5:21: What are we having for dinner?! 🫤. Cereal sounds GRRRREAT!!!

Or a sandwich, especially in this heat!!

This is our plan for the next week or so. Or just have my hubby grill and watermelon and voila, dinner! It’s too hot to turn on oven or stove as we approach the coming week.

True at my house!

Salad greens. Handful of berries or diced fruit. Chopped rotisserie chicken. Some chopped nuts. A little shredded cheese. Homemade salad dressing. No heat in the kitchen.

Reeses is the best ...just sayin' Many suppers made with happy faces. Mine was the happiest tho😊 #MomLivesMatter #SanityOverStress

Remember the starved will eat anything when you wait long enough and think it is wonderful!

I still have to pour it in the bowl for them 😡

I just ate fruity pebble’s lol

It happens at my house, it's kind of too hot to cook big meals here in sw oklahoma

…or peanut butter…😂

i have done that. weekend menu there

Happens alot in my house.

And then leave the spoon on the counter.🤣🤣

So right, I wait till I hear m in the kitchen

I know that's right!! 😂🤣😂🤣

I’ve cooked all day, and at the end of the night there’s nothing better than a bowl of Cap’n Crunch

Dude! That’s funny! …and true!

And that may or may not have happened tonight here....

or Maruchin Noodles 😂

Or sandwiches lol

Then ask what’s for dinner..

In my dream world

Not true 2yo 4yo and 5mo still need too much attention 🤪🤪

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Some action. #atsweathertogo ... See MoreSee Less

Some action. #ATsWeatherToGo

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It’s a mirage isn’t it 🙈

Come on down!!

Fingers double crossed

Send it over to BA

Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist, will the make the metro or fizzle out?

⛈ ?? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Doing a rain dance for ya

This time of summer we take whatever we can get, don't we.

Not down here it “ain’t “!

Going straight east hopefully some fire up further south.

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Hard to believe this was 9 years ago. Time flies. #jackofalltrades #infomercial ... See MoreSee Less

Hard to believe this was 9 years ago. Time flies. #jackofalltrades #infomercial

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Now just need to get away from the Ferguson roof sponsor lol.

Did you just do their commercials or did you work there

Yep, you've come a long way. I remember before this when you reported the weather on one of the local news stations.

Glad you are where you’re at, loving what you are doing.

Time fly’s when your having fun. lol

I used to work with a guy and I always thought he was fat… We were stacking cases of sugar one day and… he really got going… he took off his sweatshirt then I realize he was ripped like a bodybuilder… I laughed and I said dang I thought you were a fat guy… he never liked me after that😂😂😂


Keep Growing!

99 cents

Great pic of you looking sharp 😃

I remember!

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